#FridaysForTheFuture – A Kids Walkout Every Friday for the Climate

Today 13-year-old Alexandra Villasenor walked out of her school in NYC, answering the call of fellow youth activist Greta Thunberg, and conducted her own School Strike for Climate outside the United Nations Building.

People talked to her, took pictures, encouraged her – until the NYPD removed her from the property.

Undeterred, she relocated in front of the UN flags and continued her strike for the day, where people waved and honked when reading her signs.

#FridaysForTheFuture – a kids walkout every Friday for the climate.

You can follow Alexandra on Twitter at @AlexandriaV2005

You can follow her story every Friday at [website coming soon!].


Samara Hayley Steele is an editor of Subversas Magazine. She has been part of the alter-globalization movement since 1999 and has written as a corespondent for Adbusters, IndyBay, and is a member of the Slingshot Collective.  She is a PhD student in Cultural Studies at UC Davis, where she studies games, decision-making processes, and community governance. samarasteele.com

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