What Is Subversas?

Subservas is a publication of art, political and cultural critique.

We Are Absurdists Running with Scissors

We are not polite or PC. We are absurdists.  Sometimes we run articles by nihilists.  Sometimes we let them buy us beer. This is not a safe space. On the contrary, there are sharp, pointy ideas everywhere, and our woefully human writers wield them like weapons thrust against the mindless darkness of cliché and apathy. Ideas that might prick you, but also maybe open you up.

We’re holding space to mess up, to be vulnerable, to get angry, to show where it hurts.  We aren’t here to hold a party line. If anything, we aim to compost party lines.  We’re done with media spin that makes things out to be simple.  Reality isn’t simple.

We Are Subversives with Megaphones

We are ready to question all and nothing, ready to mess with your head. Here to remind you being human is worth it, ready to rip apart whatever new reasons people have invented to stop engaging.

Sure, we’re soapboxing. But we reserve the right to step down from that soapbox at any moment, to rethink our words, to reinvent ourselves, to soapbox again. We’re not into parrots or fundamentalists.  If something makes you angry, react!  Write us an article in response.  Let’s get some dialogue on. Let’s work this stuff out publicly.  Maybe we’ll come up with something new.

We Are Reframing the Debate

We are revolutionary but post-utopian. We acknowledge that everyone is a little bit queer and a little bit racist; yes even you. We do not believe that you are the perfect activist, housewife, or business man that you claim to be in your Facebook profile. These are merely frames. You try to fit into your frame. Or you break free from the hetero-normative suburban frame only to discover you’re in a queer, radical frame. Every movement is going to be repackaged as cautionary tales mothers tell to frighten their children to sleep. Your molotov cocktail is going to be framed and boxed and sold at Hot Topic. We share pieces that point and say, look, there is a frame, or pieces that make new frames, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Time to stop hiding the parts of yourself that don’t seem to fit and expose the ugly ideas so they are laid bare for all to see.

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