Managing Editor

Karma Bennett


Karma Bennett standing in art that has since burned to the ground

Karma has ten years of experience in publishing, and is a popular speaker on writerly topics. She has lectured on the book business for the San Francisco Writers Conference and Writerly’s PubCamp in Seattle. From large anti-globalization protests like the World Bank and the G8 to helping organize the entertainment committee for Occupy Oakland, her activism over the years has covered a diversity of tactics. In the oughties she was arrested during a sweatshop campaign as one of the “Westcott 12,” this nationwide protest led to a trial and a hundred-day camp out protest. She was ultimately exonerated by a jury of her peers for the crime of protesting in a “non-free speech zone” (thanks, Dubya). She is a board member of oldest writing organization West of the Mississippi, the California Writers Club.

Senior Editor

Samara “Hayley” Steele

Hayley is a has been part of a number of social movements and organizing spaces including the resistance to the WTO in Seattle, Occupy Oakland, #BlackLivesMatter, and she is a founding member of the Solidaridad con los Niños direct action group.  Her writing has appeared in Slingshot, Indybay, and the International Journal of Roleplaying.  A video she took of a grandmother being arrested while attempting to deliver toys to detained immigrant children went viral in 2018. She’s currently a PhD student in Cultural Studies at UC Davis.  SamaraHayleySteele.com