State Arrests, State Judges, State Convicts, State Transmits—Welcome to Greece

As 2020 is coming to an end it was time to assess the sequence of police brutality throughout the world. A country which seemed to witness a wild shift on this matter was Greece. Beatings, excessive use of authority, unreasonable… Continue Reading →

Is there a plan in America for social reconstruction? An example of Greece and backtracking.

As we move into the last half of 2020 its time to evaluate the experiences that the first half has given us.  The global pandemic, the upcoming economic crisis and the rise of the BLM movement are all characteristics of… Continue Reading →

Timeline of Police Murders over Past 50 Years

A timeline of police murders that allows you to visually explore police violence over time, spanning from 2020 to 1968.

How to donate to the CHAZ/CHOP garden (#BlackLandMatters)

Marcus Henderson at the CHAZ/CHOP gardens. (Photo credit: Sarah Hoffman/Crosscut) by Hayley Steele and Babs Babson THE SEATTLE PEOPLE’S GARDEN, CHAZ/CHOP – On June 9th, 2020, Seattle activists created CHAZ/CHOP, a police-free zone of organized protest in the Capitol Hill… Continue Reading →

Dispatches from the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (and Free CHAZ Photos You Can Use)

CAPITOL HILL AUTONOMOUS ZONE, EARTH Once you have an autonomous zone, what are you supposed to do with it? A little bit of everything, apparently. Walking around the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone today, I spotted folks painting murals, playing with… Continue Reading →

An Autistic Professional Calls for Autonomy for Neurodiverse People

Marginalized people, or really just those who are down on their luck, are especially reliant on people’s good will and good opinions of us because we need others’ help. This leaves us especially vulnerable to people who seek to take advantage. We can be manipulated by those who think we won’t realize that what they request is not normal. Or they may just think that they know best what’s good for us and not consider that we might have different ideas.

Beyond Capitalist Dictatorship: Healing the Violent Legacy Of Neoliberalism in Chile

  [Chileans] are demonstrating against structural adjustment polices, introduced at the point of a gun, during Pinochet’s bloody seventeen-year dictatorship. What we are witnessing today is a confrontation with this violent legacy of neoliberal capitalism. One of my first memories… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Bad Boys II in 2020 (or, How the Bad Boys Franchise Helped Normalize Police Misconduct in America)

Bad Boys for Life, the third in the Bad Boys franchise, just hit theaters. So it’s a good time to remind you that Michael Bey’s sequel Bad Boys II was a big red warning flag of all that is wrong with America in 2020.

Happy Fortieth Birthday Millennials

Did you know that the oldest millennials turn forty this year? The defining end and beginning of a generation is ambiguous. Some put the cutoff at those who graduated high school in 2000, others define it by ten-year periods, putting… Continue Reading →

How to Protest EFFECTIVELY: Planning a Social Justice Campaign

Don’t waste your time planning an ineffective rally. Here are the basic steps to follow to organize a smart protest campaign.

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