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Celestial Revolutions: Horoscopes for December 12 through January 10

by Jordan Wilson This next month consists of several significant changes in your professional, spiritual, and romantic life. While we still may be in Sagittarius season, there is a lot of cardinal and forward-moving energy present in this next cycle…. Continue Reading →

“I am 69 years old. I will never not be a racist.”: Reflections from a South African Expatriate

I am a racist. I grew up white in apartheid South Africa. My neighborhood, buses, trains, movie theaters, restaurants, schools, beaches were all strictly segregated. Even park benches were marked “Whites Only.” People of color were known as “Non-Europeans.” Non-Europeans… Continue Reading →

The Rise of Punk in Morocco

It was my fourth stay in Morocco in the fall of 2016. I was on my own, hopping around hostels and couches between the cities of Rabat and Casablanca while conducting interviews for my graduate research on the history of… Continue Reading →

Sofi Tukker Tops Bands to Dance to in 2019

Sofi Tukker is starting to get radio play, but they have a lot more to offer than that one track. Here are 7 songs that are honest, relatable, and incessantly danceable.

We have twelve years to fix the planet: It’s time to change the way we bank

It can seem daunting. The UN has warned that we have twelve years to limit the catastrophic impacts of climate change, and climate change isn’t the only threat.  We are also facing massive species die offs, the oceans are becoming… Continue Reading →

Fighting displacement with clay: A subversive real estate office is coming to Oakland

In 2015, shortly after being displaced from her San Francisco Apartment, Cassie Thornton came to possess a large truckload of clay. This clay was being removed from the construction site for Salesforce Tower when Thornton walked by and was enamored. … Continue Reading →

Resisting the planet-killing banks with style and mirth

Last week, Alexandra Casio-Cortez flayed a Wells Fargo Bank executive on Capital Hill for the role his bank played in backing the Dakota Access Pipeline. Well Fargo is one of many megabanks funding countless big oil projects, including DAPL and the… Continue Reading →

Throw a Creative Mischief Party to Plan for the Next March or Rally

When you find out about the next rally or march, you may wonder how you can increase your impact.  There is one thing you can always do, and it’s both easy and fun: throw a protest party to prep for… Continue Reading →

No Safe Spaces: A Poem by Fred Dodsworth

Standing midst the flames

like wolves’ tongues

surrounded by shattered lives,

the sun sets in the East this time,

a dark orange pallor

casting its sickly shadow

over dreams once offered.

“It’s a republic if you can keep it…”

#FridaysForTheFuture – A Kids Walkout Every Friday for the Climate

Today 13-year-old Alexandra Villasenor walked out of her school in NYC, answering the call of fellow youth activist Greta Thunberg, and conducted her own School Strike for Climate outside the United Nations Building. People talked to her, took pictures, encouraged her… Continue Reading →

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