Ideas Worth Repeating

What ideas do you wish more people were talking about? What does good praxis look like to you? What is seething beneath the surface? What is being whispered but not shouted? Send us your words, and photos if you have them!

We accept:

  • editorials, political essays, shameless rants
  • poems and prose from the counterculture
  • art reviews & criticism (bonus points for protest art!)
  • tips for subversion, mischief, and utopian happenings
  • reportbacks from the sousveillance scene
  • observations about media, pop culture, and how it affects the zeitgeist
  • waxing poetic about amazing songs they don’t play on the radio
  • obscure things that are wonderful
  • personal stories from organizing
  • calls to action
  • interviews with inspiring subversives
  • cooptations of mainsteam things

To Submit an Article

Send us a completed article, or a pitch if you’re feeling sassy, to Due to high volume, it may take us a minute to get back to you.  Apologies in advance!

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