Climate Justice Chants for the People's Climate March

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For the climate march this weekend, I made a printable list of climate chants that I’m sharing with you here. I noticed that most of the marches recently (the Women’s March, the Science March) were very quiet. People brought terrific signs, but didn’t come prepared with chants. But I want those in power to quake in fear at the power of our voice!
These are my favorite climate justice chants, in two pages (perfect for printing front and back). I designed this list of climate justice chants specifically for passing out at rallies and marches:

  • It’s one color, no fancy photos
  • Every other chant is in italic, so it’s easier to see where you are on the page
  • Nice big font and lots of space between chants, but concisely presented in two columns
  • Not a PDF, instead using a .rtf so you can open it and quickly make your own modifications in any word processor
  • No breaks in songs, each chant fits in its column without flowing into the next column or page

There’s really way more than you’ll need for one rally, since most people stick with a few favorites they read over and over, so you may prefer to reduce it to one page of your very favorites.
My plan is not only to take this to the rally, but to print out extra copies and hand them out to people who chant along with me. Let’s make some noise for climate justice!

Download Printable Document of Climate Justice Chants

(right-click, “save as” to download)

Climate Justice Chants Included in the Printable Download

  • climate justice sign: All pipelines leak, all markets peak
    If you don’t have my printable list of chants, make one out of the signs you see. This one would work great as a chant.
    Image via Michael Fleshman

    Give us climate targets
    Not dirty tar sand markets
  • Keep that temperature down
    Keep carbon underground
  • Governments grant permits
    People grant permission
  • The planet!  The planet!  The planet’s on fire!
    We don’t need no oil let the corporations burn!
  • Frack Wall Street, not our water!
  • Climate devastation will not be solved by corporations.
    That’s bullshit, get off it.  The enemy is profit!
  • Variation:
    The enemy is profit.  Together, we’ll stop it.
    Climate devastation will not be solved by corporations!
    Exxon-Mobil, BP, Shell take your filth and go to hell!
  • When the air we breath is under attack, What do we do? – Stand up, fight back!
    When the water we drink is under attack, What do we do?– Stand up, fight back!
    When the earth need is under attack, What do we do? – Stand up, fight back!
    What do we do? – Stand up, fight back! – What do we do? – Stand up, fight back! – What do we do? – Stand up, fight back!
  • No more coal, no more oil
    Keep your carbon in the soil!
  • U-G-L-YCorporate scum you cheat you lie
    You UGLY, uh, uh, you UGLY
    Climate change protest signs: Too hot to handle, the poor will be hit first and hardest
    via Takver
  • Your pipeline dreams
    Just make me scream!
  • Hey hey Ho Ho
    The XL pipeline’s got to go!
  • We will choose, we will decide
    We will fight to turn the tide
  • Pollution and exploitation
    Will not be solved by corporations.
  • That’s bulls*t! Get off it!
    This land is not for profit!
  • Jobs at the Keystone? No, let’s can it!
    There are no jobs on a dead planet!
  • Corporate greed
    We must fight
    Polluting earth is not a right!
  • What you see is what you get
    And you ain’t seen nothing yet
  • Wall Street, Wall Street, hey —- you
    We deserve a future too
  • Occupy! Shut ‘em down!
    Oakland is a clean air town!
    Hurricanes, storms and quakes.
    How much more can we take?
    Let’s fight back for our  kids’ sake!
    Take the system, shake shake shake!
  • There is no planet B protest sign at climate rally
    This truth via Garry Knight

    Waters rise
    Hear our cries
    No more lies
    It’s action time!
  • Get up, get down
    Leave fossil fuels in the ground!
  • (To the tune of “I Love Rock N’ Roll”)
    Stop that climate change,
    Not another dime for destruction baby
    We love renewables
    Power from the wind and sunshine baby
    We love planet Earth
    Keep the tops on the mountains baby
    We love mother earth
    Not another dime to the tar sands baby
  • (To the tune of “We Will Rock You”)
    We will we will BLOCK YOU, BLOCK YOU
    We will we will STOP YOU! STOP YOU!
  • No more (clap clap) corporate greed
    Renewables are what we need!
  • We increase our planet’s peril
    Every time we pump a barrel.
  • Switch to LEAN, switch to GREEN
    We want all our sources CLEAN
  • We who smelt it dealt it
    Pass on the gas before we melt it
  • (To the tune of “OH-E-OH NO-OHH”, the flying monkey song from Wizard of Oz)
    No Keystone, no-oh
    No more coal, no-oh
    Block Keystone oh-oh
    BP Oil, no-oh
    Go solar, go-oh
    Organic go-oh
    Frack our homes, no-oh
  • (To the tune of “It’s Getting Hot In Here”)
    It’s getting hot in here
  • More than four hundred parts
    I am getting so hot
    I wanna turn my car off
    [stop fossil fuels/demand real change]
  • climate-protest-sign-400pxIt is time to turn the tide
    And criminalize ecocide
  • No more subsidies
    For fossil fuel companies
  • Once you frack,
    you can’t go back!
  • When our planet’s under attack,
    What do we do?
    Stand Up Fight Back!
  • No more (clap clap) corporate greed
    Renewables are what we need!
    1234 kick pipelines out the door
  • 5678 renewable power in every state!

Mix and match these as you please to make new forms. If a chant is making you fatigued, you might try adding claps, so you have a breathing space between chants. Bring maracas, drums, or whatever instruments get you excited.

Download Printable List of Climate Chants

And if the cops are being belligerent, remind them that they are our potential allies by singing a chant like “strike for police pay!” or “we are not a riot!”

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Climate Justice Chants for the People's Climate March

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