Celestial Revolutions: Horoscopes for December 12 through January 10

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by Jordan Wilson

This next month consists of several significant changes in your professional, spiritual, and romantic life. While we still may be in Sagittarius season, there is a lot of cardinal and forward-moving energy present in this next cycle.

With the moon full in Gemini tonight, it is a good night to place your intentions for the next month. This moon is opposite its sister sign tonight and lays the potential for extremely conflicting energy. Although it may not always be comfortable, there are lessons to be found in conflict; how can you improve or change the way you approach conflict? With Mercury shifted from Sagittarius into Capricorn, communication can change from very contentious to extremely practical. Use your words with caution but send each one with meaning.

You will be asked to look at your relationships this month. Are there some standards you’ve been holding others to that you cannot meet yourself? Is your definition of love still functioning? This period will ask you to redefine and make your own answers in your relationships.

use the bright Sagittarius shadow period to set your dreams high for the next year. At best, you’ll get the moon. At worst, you’ll reach the stars. This next month also holds a lot of potential energy for all signs, but especially to those that may have felt a bit muddled or unfocused this last year while Sagittarius was in Jupiter. Capricorn, the ever-faithful Ram represents a time of commitment, endurance, and of pushing forward. But do not be afraid to use the bright Sagittarius shadow period to set your dreams high for the next year. At best, you’ll get the moon. At worst, you’ll reach the stars.

This Sag season is making you take a look at passion and energy. As this season comes to a close, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you passionate about? How can you integrate what you’re passionate about into your daily life?
  • What ‘fuels’ your fire? Is that fire sustainable? How long will it keep you warm?
  • Where can you let yourself have more fun in your life? Where could you use more structure in your life?

Horoscopes for 12/12-1/10


How’s your season been going so far? We’re more than halfway through. You may not be having as much fun as you’d like to be this season, especially with your natural mutable energy being posed against several cardinal placements. You probably realized there wasn’t something working for you in Scorpio season; the longer you choose not to act, the longer the problem goes without a solution. Gemini, your sister sign, is in its full power tonight. This may be a good time to look at the things you typically distance yourself from. Where has there been discord in your life? Things may not be so separated as you think. You know what you need to communicate and how. The time to move forward (with a plan) is now. Trust your voice. You may get a little testy in the New Year. Put that energy into that project you’ve been avoiding.


This season represents a period of potential growth for you. You’re very used to a self-imposed structure and likely aren’t used to the haphazard or self-celebrating energy of Sag season. Things may not go as planned and you may not feel in control. This purpose of this chaos isn’t to make you uncomfortable, it is to teach you how to be comfortable with change and with the freedom you don’t always let yourself express. Take some time to recognize the smaller accomplishments you’ve had over the past year. During this cycle, you are about to go into your home sign. There is a core truth you were exposed to in Scorpio season that will resurface in this new year, how will you move ahead?



You’ve been out of your element for a while and you’ve likely been feeling disconnected from loved ones. The world has been demanding structure, which can feel suffocating. This uncomfortableness with your surroundings is not only trying to tell you something important but telling you to act. You enjoy the freedom of Sag season and the feeling of expansion, but what will you do with these feelings? There are some harsh emotions that you don’t want to affect your vibe, but right now is time for a major vibe check. This next month, you will likely be asked to reevaluate love—is it practical, is it realistic? But most importantly? Is it good? Your love may not be traditional, but at least, it must work for you and be beneficial for the people in the relationship, not just one party.


Pisces, this season is likely very uncomfortable for you. You are asked to be forward and honest with your emotions instead of living in the past. This is the time to let yourself celebrate your positive attributes but be honest about your unfavorable ones. You are the hero of your own story, make a plan to save yourself.








There’s a method to the madness of this season. What may have been working for you in the past may not be working anymore. You are being asked to play as hard as you work. It is worth reevaluating your standards of yourself and others around you, as they may not be accurate. Directness is your strong suit, but it can be beneficial to slow down and view all the options before acting.







Things are moving very fast for you right now, Taurus. There is an underlying sense of stability right now, especially with Jupiter moved into Capricorn. However, it would still benefit you to look at how you define success and stability. If things don’t go as planned this next month, look at it as an opportunity for growth and exploration of the unknown, instead of a personal failing.






This has been a particularly interesting time for you, Gemini. Like sisters, you and Sagittarius likely have a beneficial, but contentious relationship. People may not know this about you, but you tend to reflect off others. Your emotions, let alone others, are usually difficult to see clearly, but right now you may be seeing something very clearly for the first time in a while. This season is asking you to act instead of just thinking about acting. And Capricorn season will ask you to have a plan ready; you must move forward.




Cancer, you may have been very nostalgic recently and wishing for a simple answer to a difficult question. You’re asked to move forward and move with a plan, even if it may be uncomfortable. You are also being asked to look objectively at your feelings and your worldview; what are some truths you have been ignoring? It may be worth meeting up with a particularly blunt Virgo or Sagittarius if you are unable to see the truth of the matter.





Your inner fire is burning bright this fiery Sagittarius season, but that fire may not be as useful as you hoped it would be. There are certain matters that you’ve been lying to yourself about; you are being asked to accept these emotions and proceed with them. Even if it makes you uncomfortable for a short while, you will feel better in the long run. Notice who is around you when you feel most authentic and put your energy into these relationships.





Virgo, you’re not unused to things changing but Sagittarius season may be particularly bothersome. The change feels chaotic and restless, and your normal tools may not be working during this time. You may just be waiting for things to go back to normal during Capricorn season, but there is a lesson in this chaos. There will always be time that lack structure and there will always be times that you don’t feel in control. If you are not in control, where does your power derive from? Sagittarius season asking you to look at a more sustainable source of motivation and self.




Libra, you may be a bit unfamiliar in Sagittarius territory. You likely dislike the boldness and conflict that Sag’s are infamously known for. You want to make a well-informed decision that works for all parties; however, this season, as well as the next is asking several difficult questions of you. There will always be disharmony if you try to ignore or try to rationalize-away strong emotions. How do you proceed? In what areas are you sacrificing yourself for peace?






You may be feeling particularly drained from this last season; it asked you to see yourself truthfully and honestly. Not only that, but this season presents another particular challenge, as it asks you to be passionate in a way that you aren’t familiar with. Sagittarius, as well as Capricorn, ask you to be open and to put your emotions into the outside world. It may benefit you to take an internal struggle and take it into the exterior world, perhaps there’s a project or a craft you’re ready to expand upon.

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Celestial Revolutions: Horoscopes for December 12 through January 10

by Jordan Wilson time to read: 6 min