Ideas Worth Repeating

Subversas is seeking political essays on hard truths that need repeating. We are revolutionary but post-utopian. We acknowledge that everyone is a little bit queer and a little bit racist; yes even you. We do not believe that you are the perfect activist, housewife, or business man that you claim to be in your Facebook profile. You hide the parts of yourself that don’t fit, and we expose the ugly ideas so they are laid bare for all to see.

These are boxes you try to fit into. You break free from the hetero-normative suburban frame only to discover you’re in a queer, radical frame. Your movement is going to be repackaged as cautionary tales mothers tell to frighten their children to sleep. Your molotov cocktail is going to be framed and boxed and sold at Hot Topic. We are looking for pieces that point and say, look, there is a frame, or pieces that make new frames, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

We are not polite or PC. This is not a safe space. On the contrary, there are sharp, pointy ideas everywhere, and our woefully human writers wield them like weapons thrust against the mindless darkness of cliché and apathy. Ideas that might prick you, but also maybe open you up.

That conversation you have late at night that makes you say, yes, exactly, that. Why is no one talking about that? Let us be the megaphone for the truths that you hear in whispers.

Bonus points if its funny.

Stories Worth Repeating

New ideas usually come as essays. But most of humanity learns through stories. Thus your submission may not be in the form of an essay. Your story may be a poem. It may be a comic. It may be a true idea presented as a fictional work. It may be a real life experience presented through narrative, to bring the finer points into focus. It may be an arrangement of words so beautiful we have to share it, because its beauty alone is worth repeating. It may be an experiment in form that pushes at the boundaries of what defines art. We want stories so true it feels brave to submit them, brave to even read them. Show us the truth, get at that truth in the most efficient and beautiful way you can.

Music Worth Repeating

Corporate radio is garbage. Even the best music on the radio is overplayed…just like all the best substances the first hit is good, the 10th hit has us ready to puke. You may think of this as a site for new music, but for some people new music is an obscure 70s glam rock band from Australia. A new song could be a little-known track by Louis Armstrong. It may be a queer rapper from Detroit. For some people new music is a weird genre you wouldn’t imagine existing. It may be a collection of soothing noises to help you fall asleep. The point is not to share in the media’s obsession with what is new/hype/trendy; the point is to share something worth repeating. Because there is just so much good music out there it is imperative that we let the world know.

People sometimes say, “They just don’t make good music anymore,” and when that happens we beat our breasts and shake our fists and say, “MOTHERFUCKER LISTEN TO THIS.” We are in a war against the phrase “they just don’t make good music any more.” In fact, “they just don’t make good music anymore” can go fuck itself, because we are up to our eyeballs in so much good music we are drowning. OK, you can’t drown in music, the metaphor is fucked, but you can’t really have war with a metaphorical concept, can you America?

The Technical Stuff

There is no word limit other than our own boredom, but know that any piece longer than 2,000 words is likely to be broken into a series. All pieces will be published with art or photos, so if you have art, so much the better. However, including art is not a requirement, and we may reject your art in favor of our own. The content is what matters. If your piece makes factual claims, these should be substantiated with high-quality sources.

We retain first publication rights; you may reprint as you please so long as you link back to here (we are happy to provide the HTML).

We Apologize for the Inconvenience of the Free Market

We strongly encourage you to take your work elsewhere, to a decent publication that will pay you a fair price for your labor.

If you do not know of such a magazine, website, or billboard, we strongly encourage you to start one.

On second thought, that sounds like a lot of work. Reading through the dreadful slush pile (trust, we know!), making rounds of edits, sending out rejections, keeping track of deadlines, promoting each article on social media—is the work never ending? Yes, it is, because there’s always another issue to be made, and more ideas people need to hears. On second thought, if you have that kind of money to pay writers, why not just donate the money you’d pay them to us? We’ll do all the work for you.

To pitch an article, please email us at or us the form below. We’ll get back to you soon!

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