Managing Editor

Karma Bennett

Karma Bennett standing in art that has since burned to the ground
Karma at Burning Man 2014

Karma has ten years of experience in publishing, and is a popular speaker on writerly topics. She has lectured on the book business for the San Francisco Writers Conference and Writerly’s PubCamp in Seattle. From large anti-globalization protests like the World Bank and the G8 to helping organize the entertainment committee for Occupy Oakland, her activism over the years has covered a diversity of tactics. In the oughties she was arrested during a sweatshop campaign as one of the “Westcott 12,” this nationwide protest led to a trial and a hundred-day camp out protest. She was ultimately exonerated by a jury of her peers for the crime of protesting in a “non-free speech zone” (thanks, Dubya). She is a board member of oldest writing organization West of the Mississippi, the California Writers Club.


Contributing Editor

Samara Hayley Steele

Samara Hayley Steele is a contributing editor of Subversas. Her work has appeared in Slingshot, Indybay, and the Adbusters blog. She lives in Berkeley and considers herself to be an absurdist trying to keep up with the world.

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