This Pile of Ones and Zeros is a Soapbox

We’re interested in holding space to mess up, to be vulnerable, and to think straight in strange times. Sometimes we run articles with conflicting opinions. That’s because we don’t have everything figured out yet. We are here to showcase new ideas, and emergent ways of grappling with the absurdity of reality. We aren’t here to hold a party line. If anything, we aim to compost party lines. We believe in miracles, and that people living a broken country can find common ground.

We defend your right to have an ego. We defend your right to a personal journey without feeling beholden to any state or ideology. We are here to be and do and see and feel and express our asses off.

Sure, the soapbox groove is a groove we get on at times. But we reserve the right to step down from that soapbox at any moment, to rethink our words, to reinvent ourselves, to soapbox again.

Because we are soapbox subversives. Ready to question all and nothing, ready to mess with your head. Here to remind you being human is worth it, ready to invent new reasons, and rip apart those reasons once they grow stale. It’s a cycle ever lasting, like decolonization, like ecofeminism, like sick beats, the greatest story ever told.

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